Why join RHA?

RHA is a unified voice for Australian research in reproduction, advocating for the benefits of evidence-based research to the community, opinion leaders and the Government on behalf of the entire sector.

RHA welcomes members from all sectors, including the general public.

By joining, you will be lending your voice to advocate for more investment in reproduction research that will add value to human health, agricultural productivity and welfare, and environmental sustainability, including protecting our precious endangered species and ecosystems.

Members will be able to participate in RHA advocacy and publicity activities. RHA will provide networking opportunities across disciplines, sectors and societies.

RHA focuses on advocating for, and publicising, the economic, environmental and social benefits of reproductive research. We highlight the capacity of evidence-based reproductive health research in Australia to investigate and solve critical issues affecting the Australian economy and health and environmental ecosystems, and to facilitate translation of research discoveries into beneficial outcomes.

Membership is free!